After 27 years in Towson, Maryland we have relocated our corporate offices to be co-located with our training facility at the Fallston Air Park. For our alumni, you’ll recognize the Air Park as our site for field exercises and practical training. This move included a complete build out of new executive office space and an expansion of our vehicle storage. Co-locating our offices allows us to have direct access to the tarmac and runway for driving drills and outlying buildings to conduct our A.O.P. (attack on principal drills). The Air Park offers numerous locations to break our classes into smaller learning modules and effectively deliver training in small group settings for a variety of core activities including body drag, cover and evacuate, arrivals and departures, bomb recognition and identification, rope lines, and emergency evacuations.

Our consolidation opens up new possibilities for dedicated training events and other customized programs. Please contact us for details on how we can support your team’s unique needs.